We Walk with a Heart That Does Not Rest

The video of Fr. Brian McDermott's presentation is available here!

We do not walk alone, or taking things easily. We walk with “a heart that does not rest, that does not close in on itself, but beats to the rhythm of a journey undertaken together with all the faithful people of God”.  - Pope Francis (Address to GC36)

Join us in person at Loyola Blakefield High School or online for a conference for spiritual and retreat directors in the Ignatian tradition. 

April 1, 2017
9 AM to 12 PM

We Walk with a Heart That Does Not Rest offers personal and professional formation to those who provide spiritual and retreat direction in the Ignatian tradition. The conference will be webcast with the opportunity for sending in questions and comments via live messaging. Watch parties are encouraged to facilitate partnership and networking among those in specific locales.

Conference Presenter:

Fr. Brian McDermott, SJ
Special Assistant to the President, Georgetown University

From our presenter:

The Ignatian spiritual tradition offers rich resources for people who yearn to grow as "contemplatives likewise in action." These folks desire to grow in union with the Trinitarian God not only through formal prayer but also through prayerful collaborating with the Trinity's project in the world. This conference will provide an opportunity for spiritual and retreat directors to explore how Saint Ignatius' guidelines for discerning spirits and for finding and doing God's will can provide support for these people who seek to grow as intimate partners with the God who labors to make our graced and fractured world a new creation.

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