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St. Aedan's is a Roman Catholic parish affiliated with Saint Peter's University in Jersey City, New Jersey. Staffed by Jesuit priests the church serves also as the University Church for the Saint Peter's University community.
St. Aedan’s Church
800 Bergen Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306
St. Aedan’s Church

St. Aedan’s parish can trace its origins to the transportation industry. Prior to the founding of the parish, Masses were offered in a small room on the upper floor of Foye hall at the corner of Foye and Montgomery Streets across the street from the car barns. These Masses accommodated the odd working hours of the motormen and conductors of the trolleys who worked there. Eventually it was recognized that there were enough people to create a new parish out of that section of St. Joseph’s parish. On June 23, 1912, St. Aedan’s parish was formed by the Bishop of Newark, Rt. Fr. John J O’Connor in response to the needs of these people.

St. Aedan’s Church is at the corner of Bergen Avenue and Mercer Street. Ground was broken on the feast of St Joseph, March 19, 1929. The building, which a newspaper of the day called an imposing jewel of architecture a marvel of light and Ornament., was completed for a cost of $1,000,000. The style of the church is Romanesque, which is characterized by semicircular archers, massive walls, enormous piers and small windows. It is a heavy style, in contrast to the upward reaching light Gothic style which succeeded it in popularity during the Renaissance. The overall effect is one of stability, permanence and security.

The church was dedicated on October 4, 1931

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